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PDF ✩ Where the World Ends Author Geraldine McCaughrean – Paperless-kitchen.info This book is unique The writing is not what I m used to but it grows on me and I like the humor underneath it The broken English in their conversation is hard to read but I m guessing that it s how the people of Hirta talks I like Murdo and his talks of sweethearts I like John s surprise I also like Quill for always having something to say and stories to tell, especially how he protects little Davie This book is told in the third person point of view following Quilliam Quill as he says goodbye to his parents before he heads out to harvest bird meat and eggs with other men and boys in town The journey there is by boat and will take one to three weeks to obtain enough food for the people of Hirta The destination is a big piece of rock that grow out of the ocean Surrounded by seawater, so many birds like to reside there After three weeks, no one comes to pick them up and they believe that it must be the end of the world where they got left behind because they were hidden inside the cave of the rock Survival is now challenged Where the World Ends is very well written with a unique idea It s cute how the boys outgrown their shoes where the older ones passed their shoes down to the younger ones and how their voices also changed from a boy to a man during the time they were stranded I wish to know their age How little is Davie anyway, to be gullible enough to worry about Kenneth eating him instead of dying from starvation The white rock strategy to catch birds is cool Above all, how cute is that to have thoughts of a girl to give strength to survive the hardest life The ending is excellent and so unexpected I highly recommend everyone to read this book Pro cover, illustration on chapter headings and page numbers, humor, friendship, teamwork, survival, family Con none I rate it 5 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to Flatiron Books for the opportunity to read and review Please be assured that my opinions are honest xoxo, Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com for details Every time a lad came fowling on the St Kilda stacs, he went home less of a boy and of a man If he went home at all, that is In the summer of 1727, a group of men and boys were sent to a sea stac only a few miles away from the shore unbeknownst to any of them to harvest birds for food they are expected to stay there for about 1 week upwards to three weeks, but no one ever returns to collect them Why The men and the boys start speculating on the reasons why they were left there for months Abandoned, they had to endure storms, starvation and terror Geraldine McCaughrean writes a triumphant story on the strength of human resolve, faith and strength in a time of survival and endurance of not just the body, but also the mind For such a simple story, McCaughrean was able to write on the vulnerability of humans in the face of isolation and suffering McCaughrean was able to create an atmosphere that is dark and chilly The book s story was loosely based on true events that showed how people can survive and be changed through the harshness and bitterness of having to survive on a mass of rock in the middle of the sea What a beautiful and poignant story that I highly recommend Excellent Book Really enjoyed learning about a place in my country that i didn t know existed until this book Very interesting I thought it was very adult for a YA book Dragged a little. This book is set on a sea stac in the St Kilda archipelago It follows a group of men and boys who become stranded there when the boat from Hirta does not return to collect them It s set in 1727 and based on a true story, a nightmare of a true story I wasn t sure if this book would be a bit too young for me, but I absolutely loved it McCaughrean s writing is absolutely wonderful and I am so glad I picked this book up Despite the book being set on one solitary sea stac the world building was brilliant I loved the harsh, unforgiving and miserable setting and, from the research I ve done on St Kilda, I think the author really did those now abandoned islands justice.I thought the character development was great and I really liked the POV we read from, a boy called Quilliam We really got to know everyone as this book progressed and I loved that The plot was really gripping, despite it s one location, and I enjoyed learning about their island of Hirta through memories, dreams and stories I could never tell where the plot was going and it made me cry quite a few times It s best to go into this book not knowing much about the plot, but I definitely recommend it I loved finding great books set in Scotland and I love when beautiful books live up to their cover I guess it s the other way around but readers see covers first. I love reading WHERE THE WORLD ENDS In some ways this book reminded me of THE LORD OF THE FLIES The story concerns a group of boys along with two men who are dropped off on a remote sea stac to hunt birds, and no one comes to pick them up One of the younger boys thinks it may be the end of the world This book is so beautifully written and also very unsettling I loved the artwork at the beginning of every chapter and the artwork is included at the end of the book This is a story of survival that I highly recommend A fascinating story of survival, humanity and the awesome power of nature Where the World Ends is both bleak and hopeful, moving and mythical I especially enjoyed learning about all the different sea birds there s a beautiful illustrated guide at the back of the book of all the species mentioned in the story , but where McCaughrean excels, is in her creation of the landscape, bringing the uncompromising, brutal nature of the Warrior Stac to life so vividly This is such a beautifully written story and a deserved winner of the Carnegie Medal. Every Time A Lad Came Fowling On The St Kilda Stacs, He Went Home Less Of A Boy And Of A Man If He Went Home At All, That IsIn The Summer Of , A Group Of Men And Boys Are Put Ashore On A Remote Sea Stac To Harvest Birds For Food No One Returns To Collect Them Why Surely Nothing But The End Of The World Can Explain Why They Have Been Abandoned To Endure Storms, Starvation And Terror And How Can They Survive, Housed In Stone And Imprisoned On Every Side By The Ocean 2018 CARNEGIE LONGLIST BOOK 13 20 Geraldine McCaughrean has always been a hit and miss author for me I adored her A Little Lower Than The Angels, and I liked Peter Pan in Scarlet, but I couldn t finish The Middle of Nowhere This one kind of fell into the later category, unfortunately, though I was able to finish this And it did get better as it went on It just felt a bitdryI didn t dislike the writing style It does have a nice style to it, and I think it can work, but here it kind of made the first half of the story very boring It meandered down places and took too long over things and I napped It was the kind of writing that looks nice and sounds nice on the surface but doesn t really do anything to draw you into the story I liked it I did But it didn t do anything for me And the pacing was really off The beginning introduces this mystery that I was desperate to know the awswer to why the boys were left on the island but then I don t think that there was really enough going on in the rest of the book to interest me, and this just frustrated me I spoiled myself okay It annoyed me that much And the story does pick up, but not until like 2 3 of the way through the book, which is a bit too late The rest of it is just what is going on on this sea stac and quite frankly it was boring Though I will say I think that the author did an amazing job creating that chilling sense of isolation It is something that I find very haunting and scary, and the book had a very haunting atmosphere That was definitely my favourite thing about this book It was the main thing that stayed with me And this book was a lot moer adult than I was expecting it to be not that I disliked that It just looks like a children s book, and it is DEFINITELY not Please expect that before going into it So yeah, I did like this, but I was a little bored I think the idea and the fact that it is based on truth is really interesting The story itself is definitely very different from anything that I have read before Geraldine McCaughrean s books do tend to be very original I think that for the atmosphere alone that this book created it, I would put it on the shortlist But I think the slow moving plot and the frustration about learning the truth is just not for me, due to the fact that I am very impatient But if you like slower books that haunt you, you will definitely enjoy this. On a diet of oily soup and ice fringed, sleepless nights, their goodwill was failing and falling back inside their bodies, unable to reach their eyes to look out, or their mouths to smile, or their throats to speakSt Kilda is an isolated Scottish archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, situated 41 miles west of Benbecula It is bleak, sometimes beautiful, its sea cliffs the highest in the country, its narrow ledges and mighty stacs large outcrops rising sheer sided out of the sea the most important breeding ground for seabirds in north west Europe It is also the remotest part of the British Isles.For thousands of years, until 1930, a community never exceeding 180 indomitable souls inhabited the largest island Hirta, where they built sturdy stone houses to be shared with their meagre livestock during the long winter months They led desperately gruelling lives in a place so wild and inhospitable that trees refused to grow surviving only on limited food crops such as barley and potatoes and on cheese made from sheep s milk They were generally unable to fish due to the mountainous seas but sustained themselves by hunting the island s profusion of birds gannets, fulmars and puffins forming the major part of their diets and these were caught by fowlers who lowered themselves on ropes from the sheer clifftops or by scaling the towering stacs from their boatsWarrior Stac grows bigger the closer you get You would swear it was pushing its way upwards a rock whale pitching its whole bulk into the sky, covered in barnacles, aiming to swallow the moonIt is in this storm battered, inaccessible part of the world Geraldine McCaughrean has set her latest novel, aimed at younger readers but equally likely to appeal to adults Based on a true story, it begins on Hirta in August 1727 with a fowling party setting sail for Warrior Stac properly known as Stac an Armin to harvest the summer plenty bird meat, eggs, feathers, oil A group consisting of nine boys and three men is put ashore on this, the tallest sea stac in Scotland The party is to remain there for a few weeks, as generations before them have done, but this year, no one returns to take them home.St Kildans were a race of God fearing people who set great store by a concoction of omens, superstition and religious doctrine, and as the weeks turned into months they convinced themselves that nothing short of the end of the world had caused their abandonment They were starving and frozen with only each other for comfort Why hadn t they been rescued How could they hope to survive a winter on this exposed lump of rock amid a raging ocean As both thalassophile and someone fascinated with remote islands, I was inevitably tempted by the promotional blurb on the back cover of Where the World Ends. I seldom read narratives aimed at young adults, mainly because I know so little about the them perhaps because I went straight from reading children s stories to adult fiction almost overnight but I m immensely gratified McCaughrean s 2018 Carnegie Medal winning historical novel appeared on my bookdar Why Because it is simply one of the best books I have read this year.It is at once disquieting and compelling, funny and unbearable a tale of survival in punishing conditions, recounted by Quilliam, an adolescent boy with a gift for telling stories This beautifully written book will, I know, be one to which I continue to refer and no doubt reread in the future I wholeheartedly recommend it to readers of any ageit was spring, and spring engenders hope in every creature, from the tideline to the mountain peakMany thanks to Usborne Publishing for gifting a copy of this title. Simply terrible I m still trying to comprehend what I just read but I don t want to put too much thought into it because I don t think it s worth it Received through Goodreads first reads giveaways.

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