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The Authenticity Project MOBI ´ The Authenticity  PDF A story about a solitary green notebook that brings together six strangers and leads to unexpected friendship, and even love think Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine meets Love, Actually Everybody lies about their lives What would happen if you shared the truth This is the question that Julian Jessop, an eccentric, seventy nine year old artist, poses within a pale green exercise book that he labels The Authenticity Project, before leaving it behind in Monica s Caf When Monica discovers Julian s abandoned notebook, not only does she add her own story to the book, she is determined to find a way to help Julian feel less lonely And so it goes with the others who find the green notebook that will soon contain their deepest selves It will also knit the group together In Real Life at Monica s Cafe, where they ll discover the thrill and sometime risk of being completely honest and, for some, find unexpected love With a cast of characters who are by turns quirky and funny, heartbreakingly sad and painfully true to life, The Authenticity Project is a novel readers will take to their hearts and read with unabashed pleasure

10 thoughts on “The Authenticity Project

  1. Berit☀️✨ Berit☀️✨ says:

    LOVED THIS BOOK This was the absolutely perfect, feel good, uplifting story that I needed Clare Pooley poured her heart and wisdom into this exceptionally delightful story I know I am gushing, but this is just one of those books you want to shout from the rooftops about, it really was

  2. Katie B Katie B says:

    3.5 starsThis was a breath of fresh air A unique premise and some characters that you couldn t help but root for The only real criticism I have is I thought the second half wasn t quite as good as the first half of the book In my opinion there were a core group of characters and there wer

  3. Bridgett Bridgett says:

    Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That s how the light gets in LEONARD COHENPut down your phones, quit sitting in front of your computer screens, get out of your house, and enjoy the faces and company around youThe Authenticity Pro

  4. Jayme Jayme says:

    3.5 rounded up A green notebook, entitled The Authenticity Project is left at Monica s cafe for someone to find..Inside, a few paragraphs, written by Julian Jessore, age 79, an artist Everyone lies about their lives What would happen if you shared the truth instead The one thing that defines yo

  5. Esil Esil says:

    3.25 starsI thought I needed a light read after reading a few intense novels, but The Authenticity Project, while enjoyable, was a bit too light The concept was clever 75 year old Julian, a lonely aging artist, writes about his loneliness in a notebook titled The Authenticity Project which he then

  6. Susan& Susan& says:

    What a quaint story, but beware things are a not always as they seem I liked the interesting plot twist with Julian He got his comeuppance for his philandering and selfish ways, but also a second chance at life redemption is probably a better word for this part of the story line.The narrative meander

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    Wow.Wow I m speechless This book is a beautiful reminder that you have only one life, and to live it plainly That whatever happens, you need to choose yourself first Don t live a lie, and don t lie to yourself either If you re lonely, get out of your comfort zone, and go meet new people If you re sad, f

  8. DeAnn DeAnn says:

    4 Green Notebook StarsThis one has a quirky set of characters that somehow come together for new friendship, love, and happiness in London One of the main characters is Monica She s finally gone out on her own to open Monica s Caf , but she s struggling to keep the doors open and the money flowing One day

  9. Brooke — brooklynnnnereads Brooke — brooklynnnnereads says:

    I loved how realistic and raw this story is Each character has their own imperfections and they are each relatable in their own way, no matter the age difference Not only does this story show the reality of humanity, it shows the ripple effect that each person can have on each other Actions can have a larger

  10. Susan Susan says:

    This book was absolutely charming Each character has their story to tell and their own authentic selves to share which they do through a notebook Each time a story is told the notebook is then left for someone else to find and because people are essentially good, each new person feels like they should help the p

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