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Read ✓ An Uncommon Woman  By Laura Frantz – Laura Frantz has taken us on another American frontier adventure A time when danger can lurk behind any corner, where keeping your land seems a never ending war, and one is keenly aware that tomorrow is never guaranteed There are so many great things about this book First off, her writing style is just beautiful and uniquely her own A true artist Secondly, the characters are so well thought out They re complex, and especially with Clay, there is still an element of mystery at the end Good characters can make or break a book They made this story for sure I must also say that the cover shot couldn t have been a better image of Tessa So well thought out There is quite a bit that happens in this plot It s the sort of thing that makes you want to keep reading so you find out what happens, but don t want it to end all at the same time If I were to share a disappointment, and it s a small one, it would be the pace of the last quarter of the book There is so much that happens in this portion of the story, and I felt as though it was a little rushed in comparison to the first three quarters I wanted to get into the character s heads as the events unfolded The book could have been a good 50 pages longer this way, and I love long books Not everyone s cup of tea, I know Most who read this book would likely find the pace just fine It s part of plot building I just really wanted to walk that journey with Clay and Tessa Overall, this is a wonderful story I strongly recommend Fear was never far away She d felt its cold clutch since childhood Sometimes, you read the last word in a book and you just sit there, unable to think properly because your heart is so incredibly full Such is the emotion that a book by Laura Frantz evokes in this reader Everyone on the frontier had a chair that sat empty, a place unoccupied Who would be next Tessa Swan has lived on the Buckhannon River on the Virginia frontier all her life, plainspoken in her ways and a force to be reckoned with Clay Tygart was raised by Lenape Indians and has returned home a hero in the French and Indian War to the fort named for him He brings with him a white woman named Keturah by the Indians who kidnapped her nearly twelve years earlier Tessa s best friend, she was Clay Tygart is a courageous man, but quiet and prefers not to be entangled in relationships However, he is soon taken with the outspoken Tessa and when she is taken by the Lenape, he will do everything in his power to bring her back home I am a forever fan of Laura Frantz s books and have been since I read her very first novel When I sit down to begin one of her books, I sink way down deep into its words, settling in for a wonderful time I find myself torn between not wanting to finish and thus prolonging the pleasure of the read and reading swiftly to get to the end Frantz is especially gifted at drawing the reader into her stories with her intoxicating prose, her words flowing like water over a waterfall, refreshing the reader with their crispness Her vivid descriptions bring the American frontier vibrantly to life She manages to pull the characters lives right into this reader s heart, which simply sighs with contentment Frantz brings history to life in the pages of her books, something this history buff thoroughly enjoys In fact, she so captivates me with her accurate historical research that it puts in me a desire to do some research into her stories myself And I have done that very thing with each book Her powerful and vivid descriptions of everything are so amazing that I find myself stopping and reading certain passages over and over again before being able to press on with the book Truly, my heart sings reading a Laura Frantz book These characters, Clay and Tessa, will take up space in my heart for a very long time to come I cherished every moment of this book I highly recommend this author and this book My thanks to Revell for a preview copy of this book via Net Galley The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Unflinching And Plainspoken, Tessa Swan Is Not Your Typical Th Century Woman Born And Bred On The Western Virginia Frontier Along With Her Five Brothers, She Is A Force To Be Reckoned WithQuiet And Courageous, Clay Tygart Is Not Your Typical Th Century Man Raised By Lenape Indians, He Returns A Hero From The French And Indian War To The Fort That Bears His Name, Bringing With Him Tessa S Long Lost Friend, Keturah, A Redeemed Indian Captive Like HimselfDetermined To Avoid Any Romantic Entanglements As Fort Commander, Clay Remains Aloof Whenever He Encounters The Lovely Tessa But When She Is Taken Captive By The Tribe Clay Left, His Hand And Heart Are Forced, Leading To One Very Private And One Very Public ReckoningIntense, Evocative, And Laced With Intricate Historical Details That Bring The Past To Life, An Uncommon Woman Will Transport You To The Picturesque And Dangerous Western Virginia Mountains Of sighs This bookthis book was so good Though it was not my favorite book by Mrs Frantz, this book still transported me back to the Virginia frontier during the 1700s I love this setting so much The plot was intriguing and it was very difficult to put this book down.The characters, like in all of Mrs Frantz s books, were amazing and I loved seeing them grow and mature throughout this book Tessa was a hoot and her character was amazing Her love, compassion, and servant like attitude really made me connect and love her character She was real and a very down to earth character, which are my favorite Clay was a darling and a sweetheart I loved getting to know his character better and in depth throughout the course of this book He was the perfect male lead for this book.Other characters like Hester, Ross, Keturah, Maddie, Jude, and the other Swan brothers were awesome characters that I also connected with and loved.The plot twists in this book keep me on my toes I was flipping pages like crazy trying to figure out what was going to happen next I was super happy at the end of the book but because of spoilers I ll have to let you read it yourself to discover why I was so happy Like her other books, Mrs Frantz did a fantastic job with the faith content I always love reading her books because of the faith content that she includes It is never too preachy but the perfect amount and in the perfect places I love how her books and characters always point to Jesus It s super refreshing This book was so good and I recommend to every historical fiction lover Mrs Frantz does a fantastic job at her research and it is a fabulous writer Now I get to wait around for another year to read her next book, lol FTC I received this book from Revell through Interviews and Reviews All thoughts are my own I was NOT required to write a positive review. I look forward to this authors books every year They are always a special treasure of a well woven storytelling This one is no different.The setting is set so incredibly well, that the reader is taken along on the adventure of those who long ago set off to a new frontier to establish homes, communities, and towns There was so much danger in that whether it be seen or unseen they risked their lives to live differently, to experience a new place, and to put down roots in their own land.There is the story of a young womana sister to five brothers, a niece, a daughter, and a friend Each relationship is special and each relationship adds another layer to a story well told A love story that s so much like any, yet it has its own difficulties A friendship that withstands so much sadness and loss.In short, this story is what makes up life Our homes, our dreams, our hopes, most of all our love for our fellow human beings and the building of our lives intertwined with their lives.So take a journey back in timeto the new frontier filled with dangers of Indians, disease, and the unknown pitfalls that lie ahead It s a terrific novel that I recommendas I do all of Laura Frantz s stories.I received this book from the publisher All opinions are my own. 5 starsI have started 2020 with what will most likely prove to be one of my favorite reads of the year.Laura Frantz has been one of my favorite authors since I first read The Frontiersman s Daughter She brings a unique voice to fiction that soothes the soul and allows the imagination to take flight to a distant time, filled with the adventure and hardships in the settling of a new world Her stories are pervaded with memorable characters that are filled with strength and integrity that is unmatched In an Uncommon Woman, Ms Frantz brings an endearing couple together in a time filled with danger on the far reaches of the colonial settlements I found Clay Tygart s struggle between the two worlds of his upbringing, that of his Indian captives and his Quaker roots symbolic of the inner struggle of the birth of a new nation, one that was not easy The heroine, Tessa Swan, is indeed an uncommon woman I found this quote compelling She would be a woman of strength and honor, however humble Under Ms Frantz masterful pen, characters larger than life inspire this reader Her books will always hold a spot on my keeper shelf, to be returned to again and again.I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the author publisher I was not required to write a review All opinions expressed are my own. Like all of Laura Frantz s other books, this one deserves to be savored I wanted to read it quickly, yet I didn t want to go too fast and have it end too soon This book is rich in detail that will totally immerse you in the story I immediately loved Clay and Tessa I keenly felt their losses I know this is a book that I will definitely read again I loved it so much I received a complimentary copy from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are mine alone. All her life had been spent looking over her shoulder Tessa Swan was an uncommon woman, living life deep within the mountains along the dangerous Virginia frontier she was plainspoken, hard working, and lovely to look upon occasionally allowing herself the small luxury of dreaming about a different sort of life, the kind where one did not have to fear if the next Indian attack might strike tragedy among her family and friends The journey out was always comfortable that the journey back Colonel Clay Tygart was an uncommon man, having lived half of his life captive among the Lenape Indians before being traded back to his wealthy Quaker family he much preferred wide open spaces to the refined social parlors of cities like Philadephia, so while he was inwardly relieved that he was on the the trail to Fort Tygart, he was also thankful that he had no attachments of the womanly sort to muddle his concentration That was about to change As Tessa and Clay deftly dance around their unspoken attraction danger draws near, along with a hidden bent for revenge that becomes impossible to thwart Almighty God, help Thou me Written in the author s unmistakable style, An Uncommon Woman is all absorbing with its lush descriptive langauge and distinctly heroic characters penned with a perfect blend of masculinity and femininity in all things wild, scripted with a gentleness and gracefulness in all things meant to be For where thou art, there is the world itself and where thou art not, desolation I received a copy of this book from the author the opinions stated above are entirely my own. Living in the frontier comes to life through the vivid imagery of Laura Frantz I could see the fort used for safety, the simplicity of the cabins outside the fort, the ferry used to cross the river and in 1770 Western Virginia The scenery is alive.The storyline is compelling as well Tessa is considered old to still be single and lives with her widowed mother and five brothers outside the fort walls She is tough by necessity but yearns for a safer existence with just a touch of refinement The romance that develops is slow burning and rings with believability The struggle between white settlers and natives is shown realistically and with great understanding for both points of view.Simply delightful dip into frontier living.My gratitude to publisher Revell for a complimentary copy of the novel I was not required to post a review and the opinions expressed are my own. AHHHHHHHHH I love Laura Frantz s books so ridiculously much and I adored every moment of this story and the only, ONLY downside is that I finished it in a day and now I m gonna have to wait a whole year for the next oneOkay, deep breath.So yeah, loved this one The thing about Laura Frantz s books is you re just completely immersed in them from the opening pagesher storyworld comes alive in the best of ways The romance is delightfully gradual I always, always vote for romance that takes its time versus insta love Tessa and Clay are such well rounded and lovable characterswith just enough flaws to make them relatable and believable And I love how this story s moments of tension and action are broken up with tender, poignant moments Just a beautiful reading experience from beginning to endAnd now begins the long wait until Laura Frantz s next release

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