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[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Spirit of the Dragon By William  Andrews – Paperless-kitchen.info From The Bestselling Author Of Daughters Of The Dragon Comes An Epic Novel Of A Star Crossed Couple Who Must Defy Tradition, War, And Prejudice To Keep Their Love AliveAt The Urging Of A Los Angeles Detective, International Rights Lawyer Anna Carlson Assists In A Murder Investigation It S A Personal Request From Suk Bo Yi, A Ninety Nine Year Old Woman Questioned In A Mysterious Death At A Koreatown Nursing Home A Stranger To Anna, Suk Bo Has A Tale To Tell For Reasons Of Her Own, She S Chosen Anna Only Anna To Hear It Suk Bo S Story Begins In , When The Japanese Occupying Korea Force Her To Marry One Of Their Own, Named Hisashi In Spite Of Their Differences, They Fall Madly In Love, Pitting Them Against Two Violently Opposing Cultures When Hisashi Joins The Japanese Imperial Army And Disappears, Suk Bo Embarks On A Quest Through Years Of War, Bigotry, And Poverty To Find HimBut Suk Bo S Unfolding History Reveals Than Anna Can Imagine An Heirloom Comb Bearing An Intricately Carved Two Headed Dragon Binding Her To Suk Bo S Past Soon Anna Will Discover Her Own Legacy At The Heart Of Suk Bo S Epic Love Story

10 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Dragon

  1. Elaine& Elaine& says:

    Having previously read Daughters of the Dragon, and it being one of my favourite reads a couple of years ago, when I saw William Andrews had written another book in a similar vein, I pounced on the opportunity to read it before its publication I was unaware that both books are in fact p

  2. Jean Jean says:

    The Spirit of the Dragon is the 3rd book in The Dragon series It can be read as a stand alone I loved the previous books in this series so I was excited to read this book And this one did not disappoint This story was poignant and heart wrenching It is about a young Korean girl, Suk bo, who is fo

  3. Jenny Lim Jenny Lim says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here A good story will always stay in your head for a while after it ends At first it was Hong Jae hee Then, it was Min Ja Young This time, it is Hisashi Saito and his son, Young chul I got happy then I got angry and then I got sad

  4. Glenda Glenda says:

    It looks like I m in the minority with this one, but that s okay, I have no problem with being honest in my reviews, good, bad, or indifferent.The Spirit of the Dragon fell under the indifferent category for me I really wanted to enjoy itthan I did The synopsis made this sound like some gut wrenching tale of love an

  5. Katelyn Spedden Katelyn Spedden says:

    Wow so much happens in this book Honestly I had no idea it was part of a series until I looked up the book online and saw that it was but it s the perfect standalone Having Anna and the comb be a connection but take a backseat is the perfect way to weave the story that focused on things that most people don t know about WWII

  6. Alexys_Tenshi Alexys_Tenshi says:

    The Spirit of the Dragon by William Andrews is the third book of the trilogy The Dragon but it can be read as a standalone.The story begins with a murder investigation where this korean woman might be the killer She thell her story how, as a young girl, Suk bo Yi became the wife of a japanese named Hisashi, just before WWII Suk bo s li

  7. Lasya Shashimohan Lasya Shashimohan says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here An interesting history lesson, but an unconvincing, poorly narrated story It s flaws are as following 1 Flimsy use of the dragon comb symbolism2 Contrived situations which throw the protagonist and her son into poverty If her in laws were as rich and influential as d

  8. Kathleen Gray Kathleen Gray says:

    Well done historical fiction about a dark dark time in Korea but it s also a love story about Suk Bo, a Korean woman, and Hisashi, a Japanese man Although it spans the years between 1936 and the present, the most dynamic parts of the novel are set during WWII, when Suk Bo was chosen to Marr Hisashi, who was then sent to do terrible work How to simply expl

  9. Mary Jedde Mary Jedde says:

    I am very satisfied and happy that I purchased all three books from this series The Daughters of the Dragon, The Dragon Queen, and The Spirit of the Dragon I have enjoyed all three books This particular title, The Spirit of the Dragon hits hard in a beautiful way It started out nicely, depicting a budding romance between two different people Then, it builds up into

  10. Flora Flora says:

    I like reading a book based in the country I m visiting while I m there so was very glad when NetGalley offered this title for review just before my trip to South Korea Though it was hard to reconcile the Korea then and the Korea I saw, I thoroughly enjoyed the book So much so that just before reaching the last page of the Spirit of the Dragon, I hurriedly went and bought th

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