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!!> PDF / Epub ☀ Adjustments ✈ Author Will Willingham – Paperless-kitchen.info By Turns Thoughtful And Hilarious Even, Inexplicably, Both At The Same Time , This Deeply Midwestern Book Quietly Unfolds A Vision For How To Navigate In A World Where We Can T Always Resolve ThingsIt Begins With An Old Man S Call To The Insurance Company To Get A Minor House Repair Covered Once The Adjuster Shows Up, A Journey Both Tender And Tough Is Set In Motion These Men Need Each Other In Ways It Will Take Time To DiscoverTo Complicate Matters, The Adjuster Also Needs And Is Needed By His Aged Landlady Pearl Jenkins Theirs Is A Friendship Both Fraught And KindWhen The Latest Outsider From Minneapolis Shows Up To This Small Dakotan Town, With Her Non Approved Hybrid Car Parked Right Across From Pearl S House, The Cast Of Characters Is Almost Complete Just Add The Generous Appearance Of Colorful Minor Characters The Adjuster Works With And Serves In His Work None Of Whom, Arguably, Are Truly Minor And You Re Holding A Delightfully Satisfying Book That, While It Has You Laughing, Manages To Quietly Delve Into The Ways We Bring People In And Shut Them Out On The Job, In The Town, Or At The Threshold Of Our HeartsAs Much As The Characters Have A Relationship With Poetry And Story And They Do , It Is Also A Profound Book About Naming Both The Things That Have Held Us Back And The Things We Want, To Move Us Forward A Book About Choosing Life

10 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Csimplot Simplot Csimplot Simplot says:

    Excellent book

  2. Jeff Jeff says:

    This is an excellent book, and is surprisingly detailed for a first time author There isn t a lot that happens it is, instead, about the characters Willingham does a wonderful job of creating interest in the characters and a desire to find out how things turn out for them I enjoyed this book.

  3. Sandra King Sandra King says:

    I bought both the hard copy because paper is my favorite and then the Kindle version as well because there I was reading on my phone when I couldn t sleep at 3 a.m and then traveling in a car at night Once started while I was crafting for my daughter s wedding , I couldn t stop.If you just want a good read, read this.If you want to absorb some good writing skills to apply to your own words, read this.

  4. Dennis Vavrek Dennis Vavrek says:

    I don t comment on a novel very often, but I have to say that this is a great read There is depth to the characters and story The author s experience in the insurance business gives a unique and special flavor to his first novel Congratulations Will

  5. Bethany Bethany says:

    I appreciated both the sense of humor and gravity of emotional depth I also enjoyed the behind the scenes perspective into the wild world of insurance adjusting I had no idea For me, this book offered an insightful and empathy inducing look into the variety of ways people treat those in vulnerable situations and how that plays out for them I d like to read another book by Will Willingham.

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    This book commanded a slow, thoughtful read to absorb the nuances of this skilled author s work On the surface level, Will s story is somewhat mundane, if not comical, in his life as an insurance adjuster All the characters around him providedrama than he d care for But on a deeper level, Will s journey is fraught with conflicted internal dialogue that moves his story through a fantastic transformation Love

  7. Glynn Glynn says:

    Will Phillips is an insurance adjustor, working in the plains, hills, and valleys of South Dakota He lives in a room of what was once a mansion but is nowof a boarding house He has a give and take relationship with his 70 landlady, Pearl Jenkins, who is part friend, part mother, part judge, part advisor, and full time matchmaker who usually cheats at cards So far, Will has resisted the matchmaking and gone al

  8. Brandee Shafer Brandee Shafer says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here On the surface, this is a novel about the conversations of an insurance adjuster in a small town Above all, Willingham is a master at dialogue I could hear the characters voices and see the movements of their bodies so clearly, while they were speaking, that I may as well have been watching a movie.It was what protagonist Will didn

  9. Booknblues Booknblues says:

    Inside of Adjustments is a good book waiting to get out Will Phillips is an insurance adjuster in South Dakota who deeply resents his GPS who has nicknamed Barbara He purposefully ignores her and often gets lost He is an interesting and entertaining character and I greatly enjoyed many of his side adventures Will seems to be haunted by the past and has trouble moving forward.The book contains an interesting and w

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