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[Read] ➪ The Second Womb: Where Compassion Rescues Life (Nest #2) Author Anna-Karen Sorensen – Paperless-kitchen.info The Second Womb Is A Nest, The Sacred Place That We All Must Have To Complete Our Becoming Whether It Is The Warmth And Safety Required After The First Birth, Or It Is The Space Needed For Withdrawal And Reimagining, The Second Womb Is The Needed Surrogate A Compassionate Experience That Works Outside Of Time As It Helps In Healing This Is A Book Of Poetry That Has Seven Chapters They Deal With The Feminine, Our Sacred Spaces, The Isolation Of Thought, Large And Small Truths, Life And Its Rhythms, And Many Other Ruminations

10 thoughts on “The Second Womb: Where Compassion Rescues Life (Nest #2)

  1. Corrine Cassels Corrine Cassels says:

    Very beautiful poetry that sticks with you The themes are universal but the words still felt deeply personal There were quite a few lines that grabbed me, like Compassion is the eye of the needle through which the tapestry of life is woven and Life is lived from the inside out Sorensen has an old school style that has a spir

  2. Kristine D Kristine D says:

    Simple, Beautiful, HauntingThis poetry collection is not for the faint of heart Dealing with issues of premature births, the loss of infants, and the toll that takes on everyone from parents to medical professionals, this collection will wrench the heart The collection features themes of sympathy, compassion, strength, heartbreak,

  3. Joseph Gil Joseph Gil says:

    Poetry is not normally my cup of tea, but the emotion Sorensen pours into this collection moved me in a way that kept me reading and wantingafter the last page She just has a way with her words that find a way to not just speak truth, but inspire us too, all the while educating us along the way One piece that stuck with me was The Authent

  4. Hannah Barry Hannah Barry says:

    The best word that can be used to describe this collection of poems is sweet Quite simply, this book was sweet in a way that made your heart yearn for a hug from a loved one, sweet in the way it spreads warmth through your body, sweet in the sense that there are gentle truths within these pages that affirm and validate like a healing embrace Thi

  5. Karen Karen says:

    Sorensen places her heart and soul in this book of poetry The reader can feel the love in her written words she has knitted together to create a beautiful tapestry of sympathy, compassion, and truth She isn t afraid to explore universal themes on what seems like a deeply personal level One of my favorite lines is Life is lived from the inside out The w

  6. Ntaberm Ntaberm says:

    A beautiful collection of poetry that hits home and tugs in your heart strings .

  7. Patricia West Patricia West says:

    Lovely PoetryThis sweet book of poems is worth the read.I loved the caring and compassion that radiated from them Life lessons

  8. Amanda Waters Amanda Waters says:

    The poems in this book range from the whimsical to the absolutely heartbreaking They speak to our humanity in a way that is beautiful and accessible.

  9. Katie Weiss Katie Weiss says:

    I could tell that these poems were written with strong emotion, but I couldn t connect There are other people who will read the book and find the wordsresonant.

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