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[EPUB] ✼ The Orphan Collector  ✿ Ellen Marie Wiseman – Paperless-kitchen.info Ellen Marie Wiseman, Acclaimed Author Of What She Left Behind And The Life She Was Given, Weaves The Stories Of Two Very Different Women Into A Page Turning Novel As Suspenseful As It Is Poignant, Set Amid One Of History S Deadliest Pandemics In The Fall Of , Thirteen Year Old German Immigrant Pia Lange Longs To Be Far From Philadelphia S Overcrowded Streets And Slums, And From The Anti German Sentiment That Compelled Her Father To Enlist In The US Army, Hoping To Prove His Loyalty But An Even Urgent Threat Has Arrived Spanish Influenza Is Spreading Through The City Soon, Dead And Dying Are Everywhere With No Food At Home, Pia Must Venture Out In Search Of Supplies, Leaving Her Infant Twin Brothers Alone Since Her Baby Died Days Ago, Bernice Groves Has Been Lost In Grief And Bitterness If Doctors Hadn T Been So Busy Tending To Hordes Of Immigrants, Perhaps They Could Have Saved Her Son When Bernice Sees Pia Leaving Her Tenement Across The Way, She Is Buoyed By A Shocking, Life Altering Decision That Leads Her On A Sinister Mission To Transform The City S Orphans And Immigrant Children Into What She Feels Are True Americans As Pia Navigates The City S Somber Neighborhoods, She Cannot Know That Her Brothers Won T Be Home When She Returns And It Will Be A Long And Arduous Journey To Learn What Happened Even As Bernice Plots To Keep The Truth Hidden At Any Cost Only With Persistence, And The Courage To Face Her Own Shame And Fear, Will Pia Put The Pieces Together And Find The Strength To Risk Everything To See Justice At Last

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  1. Crumb Crumb says:

    FULL REVIEW NOW UP As I write this review, I m in awe In awe of this novel, of Ms Wiseman s writing, and of this story First, however, let me back up.It starts with a simple itch in the throat Suddenly you get a cough But it s not a regular cough, no It starts in the bottom of your belly and tears through your chest Suddenly your hacking Struggling for air The next thing you know, your skin is turning a bluish purple Then you are dead.I m referring to the deadly, catastroph

  2. Ellen Wiseman Ellen Wiseman says:

    In the fall of 1918, thirteen year old German immigrant Pia Lange longs to be far from Philadelphia s overcrowded streets and slums, and from the anti German sentiment that compelled her father to enlist in the U.S Army, hoping to prove his loyalty But an even urgent threat has arrived Spanish influenza is spreading through the city Soon, dead and dying are everywhere With no food at home, Pia must venture out in search of supplies, leaving her infant twin brothers alone .Since her baby died d


    Reading a Ellen Marie Wiseman book is a treat It transports you to that time period, you are sitting in that room, in that house This book is set during the Spanish influenza, I was in the room, smelling the smells, seeing the sick, hearing the anguish.Pia lives in the poor district, her mother passes from the plague, her dad is off fighting the war,she leaves the apartment to get food for her twin baby brothers Bernice lost her baby son and her husband to this plaque, she sees Pia leave and goes to i

  4. Nancy Bilyeau Nancy Bilyeau says:

    I ll add my review closer to pub date

  5. Susan Peterson Susan Peterson says:

    Ellen Marie Wiseman has written a sensational, emotionally intense novel, combining the best of humanity with the worst, amidst a world war and a pandemic of staggering proportions.Pia is 13 when influenza strikes Philadelphia, loving and bright, and with an uncanny ability to detect sickness by sheer touch She is lonely and poor, but she is lit from within by sheer determination, bravery, and a resourcefulness beyond her years Bernice is a grieving mother, driven to do the unspeakable, poisoned by prejudice and lo

  6. Steven Zacharius Steven Zacharius says:

    They don t get any better than this wonderful story.

  7. Courtney Courtney says:

    If you haven t read Ellen Marie Wiseman s work before, you re in for a treat with her latest, The Orphan Collector Wiseman is a master of spinning tales, but notably, a gifted historian and researcher Each of her books are packed full of factually accurate details that will wow you, and this is no exception A big fan of dystopian literature and historical fiction, this book is squarely in my alley Although it can t really count as true dystopian, Wiseman paints the Spanish Flu in such vivid prose that you d believe this is some

  8. Ellen Wiseman Ellen Wiseman says:

    I can t wait for everyone to meet Pia Lange, a young immigrant living in the slums of Philadelphia who loses her mother during the deadly Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 and is left to take care of her twin baby brothers until her father returns from the war When they run out of supplies, Pia must leave her brothers alone to search the quarantined city for food, with no idea they will be gone when she returns

  9. Debra Debra says:

    Ellen Marie Wiseman, with her gift of very descriptive writing and such detailed research, easily transports the reader to this horrible time in history when the deadly Spanish flu was spreading so quickly She makes you feel like you are there In the midst of these horrors is a young girl, battling to protect her family as she is confronted by so many villains Again, Ellen has written a book that you will not be able to put down until the end In my opinion, this is Ellen Marie Wiseman s Best.Book.Ever The Orphan Collector will be released Jul

  10. Vivian Payton Vivian Payton says:

    Set in the fall of 1918 when the Spanish flu breaks out and running rampant, thirteen year old Pia Lange experiences what no young child should ever have to The war is finally over, but her father is still stationed in France Living with her four month old twin brothers, Ollie and Max, and her mother in a tenement in Philadelphia, these very poor German immigrants find life extremely rough, but their family bonds are very strong Unexpectedly, Pia s mother becomes ill with the flu and tragically takes a turn for the worse Leaving her children, it is

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