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[Reading] ➸ The Beauty in Breaking: A Memoir ➮ Michele Harper – Paperless-kitchen.info An Emergency Room Physician Explores How A Life Of Service To Others Taught Her How To Heal HerselfMichele Harper Is A Female, African American Emergency Room Physician In A Profession That Is Overwhelmingly Male And White Brought Up In Washington, DC In An Abusive Family, She Went To Harvard, Where She Met Her Husband They Stayed Together Through Medical School Until Two Months Before She Was Scheduled To Join The Staff Of A Hospital In Central Philadelphia, When He Told Her He Couldn T Move With Her Her Marriage At An End, Harper Began Her New Life In A New City, In A New Job, As A Newly Single WomanIn The Ensuing Years, As Harper Learned To Become An Effective ER Physician, Bringing Insight And Empathy To Every Patient Encounter, She Came To Understand That Each Of Us Is Broken Physically, Emotionally, Psychically How We Recognize Those Breaks, How We Try To Mend Them, And Where We Go From There Are All Crucial Parts Of The Healing ProcessThe Beauty In Breaking Is The Poignant True Story Of Harper S Journey Toward Self Healing Each Of The Patients Harper Writes About Taught Her Something Important About Recuperation And Recovery How To Let Go Of Fear Even When The Future Is Murky How To Tell The Truth When It S Simpler To Overlook It How To Understand That Compassion Isn T The Same As Justice As She Shines A Light On The Systemic Disenfranchisement Of The Patients She Treats As They Struggle To Maintain Their Health And Dignity, Harper Comes To Understand The Importance Of Allowing Ourselves To Make Peace With The Past As We Draw Support From The Present In This Hopeful, Moving, And Beautiful Book, She Passes Along The Precious, Necessary Lessons That She Has Learned As A Daughter, A Woman, And A Physician

10 thoughts on “The Beauty in Breaking: A Memoir

  1. Shannon A Shannon A says:

    I simply couldn t put this memoir down It s a debut unlike any other If you think this a medical career memoir you d be wrong and pleasantly surprised Michele brings to light what is often forgotten in the medical shows First you become a doctor and then you discover how to become a healer.

  2. Kimberley Kimberley says:

    I can see the value of a memoir like this particularly if you re currently in healthcare or are deeply interested in the way politics plagues medical decisions That said, a lot of the case studies offered of which there are ten end with a lesson learned the author practiced Buddhism, as a religious philoso

  3. Tex Tex says:

    Michele believes in life having purpose and through her career as a doctor, she is able to find life lessons in many of her patients outcomes and outlooks on life This book is a glimpse into the way Michele has used consistent reflection about her work and personal life choices to help positively guide and drive he

  4. Jessica Amarant Jessica Amarant says:

    This is one of the few books recently that I ve been compelled to read in one sitting and one of very, very few that I feel compelled to review instead of just rating Harper has a stunning way of using story to expose brokenness be it systemic racism, sexism in the workplace, or illness and pain in our fellow humans But, tr

  5. Angela Angela says:

    I was on the fence about this book simply because medical drama doesn t necessarily interest me, but I also read that the author herself had a rough upbringing and was on the mend in this memoir I wantedof the latter, but this book was muchabout the former While the author did weave aspects of her life into this memoir it wasabout d

  6. Danielle Gosson Danielle Gosson says:

    What an amazing book I loved each story told by the doctor Each one so different, and pulling at heartstrings She tells of the challenges of being black and female in the medical field She also tells us about the unjustness that some hospitals suffer from So heartfelt, so well written and so captivating This was a memorable read for me and I

  7. Sarah Broughton Sarah Broughton says:

    The insight into the ER and the healthcare system was compelling The empathy, self reflection, and discovery of healing depicted encourages readers to do the same Otherwise, reads like a self help book.

  8. Amanda Harris Amanda Harris says:

    Although easy to read, with compelling vignettes of the author s life as an ER doctor, I struggled with the lecturing nature that encompasses many chapters.

  9. Sage Sage says:

    This was an absolutely stunning memoir It was beautifully written, so poignant, and all of the patient stories made me feel a lot of things Incredible read and lovely prose Michele is a badass.

  10. Matthew Conolly Matthew Conolly says:

    This was a very interesting read and provided a great insight into how the author found herself and healing A lot of it hit home, and while it may not be politically driven it still talks about injustices that take place during stories that she told I very much enjoyed this read.

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