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[PDF / Epub] ★ Behemoth ✪ H.P.  Newquist – Paperless-kitchen.info A DEADLY ACCIDENTAfter Losing Three Local Boys To A Devastating Car Crash In The Upstate Village Of Morris, New York, The Neighboring Town Of Ashford Suffers Even Tragedy Over The Next Couple Of Weeks When Several Townspeople Mysteriously Vanish In The Middle Of The Night Sensing That There S A Rational Explanation, However Strange It May Be, Local Reporter Robert Garrahan Decides To Get To The Bottom Of The MatterA DESPERATE FATHERInitially, He Only Digs Up Little Than Small Town Gossip Until A Desperate Man Tells Garrahan That His Daughter Will Be The Next To Disappear Amid Rambling Stories Of Monsters And Strange Rituals, The Father Tries To Convince Garrahan That The Town Is Rife With Danger When Yet Another Accident Forces Garrahan To Look Into His Wild Claims, What He Finds Are Secrets Beyond ComprehensionA BIBLICAL PROPHECYThe Extent Of Morris S Horrific History Are Finally Revealed From Townspeople Who Abide The Loss Of A Little Girl To Whispers Of A Nightmarish Creature Lurking In The Woods And, Ultimately, To A Dogmatic Priest Who Adheres To Ancient Rituals Regarding The Mythical Behemoth, Garrahan Realizes Too Late That He Has Been Chosen As The Next One To Disappear Can He Avoid His Fate Or Is He Doomed To Be The Latest Sacrifice

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  1. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    A freak accident, a young girl, a mystery that Robert feels compelled to solve and he is drawn deeper and deeper into the evil that lives in Morris Behemoth is God s greatest creature Robert Garrahan is one his way to his cabin and stops for gas He meets a young girl, Abby Each time he visits his cabin, he looks forward to stopping and saying hi to her until one day she isn t there He can t forget about her, so, regardless of all the road blocks

  2. Steve Stred Steve Stred says:

    Edited as review is now live on Kendall Reviews Big thanks to Pete and Bloodshot Books for sending this my way.I m not a fan of the frequently overused phrase unputdownable but there really is no other way to describe this book.We open up following a trio of young men going for a joyride and ending up on the small town of Morris The town has an odd reputation No one goes out at night and no one leaves the town The boys crash the car which breaks a ce

  3. Ray Palen Ray Palen says:

    Behemoth is God s greatest creature One of his most terrifying According to Job, Chapter 40, Verses 15 to 18, Behemoth was made at the same time as man It was monstrously large and extremely powerfuland God put that beast here specifically to remind us there are creaturespowerful than man This Biblical reference about a creature that may, purportedly, still be walking the earth is just chilling Quite frankly, it speaks to all the supposed sightings of cr

  4. Sidney Prescott Sidney Prescott says:

    Behemoth is a book written by HP Newquist It takes us on a journey with our main protagonist, Robert Garrahan, who is a Journalist from New York City Garrahan stumbles upon a small town, Morris, in upstate New York, which has its many secrets The book itself is written in a journal form with corresponding dates and times that the events in the book take place The book starts with a huge bang and it steamrolls all throughout its entirety From the build of the

  5. Thomas Joyce Thomas Joyce says:

    The book begins with a few passages from the bible, all concerning the existence of a fearsome creature whose only purpose is to remind mankind of their lowly place in God s plan As with all faiths, there are those followers who pick and choose what rules to follow and how strictly they adhere to the rules At the other end of the spectrum, there are the religious zealots, those who very clearly see the line drawn in the sand, those who follow the bible without q

  6. Erica Metcalf Erica Metcalf says:

    Behemoth by H.P Newquist is a tale that centers around a biblical monster and a town that will do everything they can to appease the beast Full disclosure I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my rating in any way.When the story begins, we meet a man that is traveling between New York City and his cabin out in the country As he stops for gas one day, he meets a young girl that is interested in the rad

  7. Gloria Gloria says:

    Full review on gloriamcneelywriter.comA monster of biblical proportions that brings out the worst in it s worshipers, Behemoth will make you wonder about that strange town down the road and it s even stranger inhabitants.This book focused a little too much on the characters researching rather than progressing the story while time was of the essence However, it was still enjoyable and kept me interested until the end.

  8. Dave Hill Dave Hill says:

    Excellent 1st novel by veteran science writer This is a gripping first novel by one of my favorite science writers HP Newquist grabs your attention in the first few pages and doesn t let go until the very end Behemoth is a nice combination of horror and wry humor, interspersed with twists and turns as the characters travel through fictional towns in New England and Upstate NY.I m ready for novel 2

  9. Horror DNA Horror DNA says:

    Behemoth has a decent opening sequence and goes rapidly downhill from that moment on, with there being very little worth recommending in this novel.You can read Tony s full review at Horror DNA by clicking here Behemoth has a decent opening sequence and goes rapidly downhill from that moment on, with there being very little worth recommending in this novel.You can read Tony s full review at Horror DNA by clicking here

  10. Kaili (Entertainingly Nerdy) Kaili (Entertainingly Nerdy) says:

    Behemoth is a horror book where a town is haunted by something creepy Nearly everyone has seen it at one point or another but they are all afraid of it.Behemoth is a really creepy novel that shows you where religion can sometimes take you Even though it s supposed to lift you up it can also lead you down the wrong path if you interpret things the wrong way.

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