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[[ Reading ]] ➼ I hate my brother Author Branislav Bojcic – Paperless-kitchen.info This Book Maybe Answers The Question Whether We Can Become A Monster, Or The Monster Already Lies Deep Within Us, Waiting For The Opportunity To Come To The Surface The Action Of This Novel Takes Place In The Region Of Ex Yugoslavia As Well As In The Prison And In The Court Of The Hague Tribunal For War Crimes The Main Character Is Gvozden Mishic He Is Courageous, Honest, Hard Working, And Above All, A Highly Honourable Man What Happens When Such A Man Of Incredible Persistence And Will Power Has His Heart Broken And Filled With Hatred Genocide This Book Represents A Transformation, Or Rather A Deformation Of An Impressive And Above All Unique Personality Having Countless Qualities, Among Which The Greatest Is Immense Love For His Family This Quality Is Exactly His Greatest Fault Love That He Felt For His Wife And Daughter Becomes Inexhaustible Source Of Hatred That Makes Him Commit Deeds Which Give A New Dimension And Severity To The Term War Crime The Severity That The Readers Will Certainly Feel In Their Hearts While Reading This Book This Book Is Nothing Than A Deeply Emotional Testimony Of A Tragedy Of One People, Carried On Wings Of Hatred, Hatred Of Those Who Once Lived For LOVE, Who Once Fought For LOVE

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  1. Chickoutthesebooks Chickoutthesebooks says:

    This is a prime example of how hatred can poison even the best person It can cloud their judgement and cause them to act out in ways they never imagined before Hatred can also lead to regret Before reading this book I was very unfamiliar with the Bosnian war, but Branislav holds no punches depicting wrongs on both sides, regardless if Serbian or Muslim War not only changes a country, but it s people a

  2. Kaye Kaye says:

    ONE HEARTBREAKING JOURNEY Unbelievable Brainslav dropped the bomb with such indescribable insight into so much horror, death and pain, that bled through in a war torn country where carnage took a front row seat, families broken and lost, launching this chilling spin to life flawlessly Shattering the lines and crushing boundaries, limitations are amplified and exploited, riding the current and breaking w

  3. Lynn Geth Lynn Geth says:

    A heartbreaking story that shows how hatred can change one s personality and life itself Written in a down to earth way so that I felt the rage and the sorrow It was hard to read but I m glad I did.

  4. Kathy Mccalmon Kathy Mccalmon says:

    This is a story about the Bosnian war It is a very emotional story and may have triggers for some If you like war stories this is for you.I voluntarily reviewed this ARC.

  5. Sharon Sharon says:

    Wow This is an amazingly insightful book based on how war can destroy humanity and divide families Gvozden and Sened grow up as good friends and think of each other as brothers but the Bosnian war saw them on different sides This book goes into great detail on how the lies and the horrors of this war totally destroyed these two men, their families and thousands of others It s well written and is a story that

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